I found Island Popper and am in hog heaven!


“Ok, so two weeks ago our boss came back from Chicago with a 2gal tin of caramel & cheddar cheese popcorn. My share lasted all of 3 minutes. I have been jonesing ever since. I found Island Popper and am in hog heaven! I emailed Andrea and in no time, she responded with a schedule. I didn’t think I could wait until 3:30pm Friday to get my fix of “Chicago Krak” ( that’s what I’m calling it) so I called to ask if I could place a pick up order. I jokingly asked if she could deliver and she said “yes, we deliver.” I was shocked and so happy. I placed an order yesterday for delivery today, and by 12:45pm, I had my “krak” in my hot little hands. Eyes were glazed over as much as the caramel over the popcorn. I couldn’t wait to tear a bag open. Had a few mouthfulls, just enough to hold me ’till I got home from work. The caramel corn was really buttery tasty. The organic butter was nice and the cheddar cheese corn had just the right amount. Once home, I ripped into the bag and in no time at all, the bag was empty. I ate it hand-over-fist. I am a very happy little piggie, because I inhaled that bag and I know how to find my popcorn “dealer”!

Spread the word, y’all, ISLAND POPPER is the bomb!!  Contact Andrea and get some “krak” today!
Island Popper is located on Mililani St. on Wednesday from noon to ?, Friday on Punchbowl Street, Saturday at Pearlridge Farmers Market.” – Maile K. Honolulu, HI (Yelp Review)

I seriously need Island Popper right now.


“I should’ve done this review a long time ago, but it *POPPED* into my head to do one after a mean Island Popper Craving.

This might sound weird, but Cheese/Caramel/Furikake mix is so strangely perfect.  Seriously. Try it.  

Non GMO corn and popped in Coconut Oil? Gahhhhh *hippie swoon*

I seriously need Island Popper right now.  Everything is so good and she even let me try some of her favorite, plain with a little bit of salt. It’s definitely competing with the CCF for my favorite.  My palate has been more simple now so I’d probably opt for the plain…because you can taste the pure deliciousness in each bite!

They park by my building on certain days but by the time I get home, she’s gone for the day.  Hoping to cross paths soon, though…” – Kristen N. Honolulu, HI (Yelp Review)

Best caramel popcorn that I've ever tasted...


“Wow, the customer service there is fantastic! That’s the very first thing that I noticed. 2nd thing I noticed right away is that they take credit cards! I was very thankful for this as I don’t always have a bunch of cash on me. I sampled the cheddar and caramel flavors and liked it so much that I got a bag of the 2 flavors mixed. I’m not a huge popcorn fan, but theirs tasted really good. I stumbled upon the farmer’s market at Pearlridge Shopping Center by accident right after I just had breakfast. I’m pretty full, but I can’t stop eating their popcorn! I was happy to hear that they’re there every Saturday.

So there is a super nice lady working there who mixed my 2 flavors together and she even gave me a little bag on the side filled w/ the extra popcorn mix that didn’t fit into the thick, high-quality, very professional looking resealable bag. I thought the packaging was really nice and it’s cute that they have a “mahalo” sticker holding a wrapped toothpick to the bag. There is also a really nice man working alongside her who was letting everyone try samples of whatever flavor they were curious about. The woman said she makes everything from scratch and it really shows through in their flavors. Their caramel popcorn is the best caramel popcorn that I’ve ever tasted and the others w/ me feel the same way.

It is a super hot day, around 90 degrees and it must be hard working in a food truck w/ no AC in this humid weather. But those 2 in that Island Popper truck have smiling faces and are full of aloha spirit.

Thank you Island Popper for your genuine kindness, generosity and awesome GMO free popcorn!” – Honest Y. (Yelp Review)